Bringing back the Spark: Moving

When the year started, I made a promise to myself to reincarnate the other side of me, the Goi who was adventurous, fun loving and who can handle multi-tasking and multiple commitments, the side that has been buried in the depths of highland living.

I can say that becoming a highlander has somewhat taken me back to the primitive thinking; straightforward, contented to what is existing and is only thinking of ways how to prepare the next meal. Simple living, it is. The kind of living most of us look forward to for our retirement days. Thankfully, I found a job that requires me to travel and to stay away from home several days in a week; pulling me out from the lifestyle that has vacuumed out the spark.

In where I live now, the serenity and simplicity will make you forget the busy and bustling city streets. Tall trees, crops and fresh air surround me instead of the glass and concrete-walled buildings and polluted air. It is a pleasurable lifestyle you might think and I agree with you.

Though, the good side is immeasurable, specially that I am spending more time with my family and I am able to guide my niblings as they grow, the excitement and thrill of fast-paced living has been pushed to the side of the plate and has become an unnecessary part of the meal.

Currently, after work, my priority is getting home before the night blinds my non- reflective human eyes. There are no streetlights that brighten the pagang road and only the flickering house lights nearby aid my home-bound journey. Transportation is another burden. Unless you’re driving your own wheels, the only mode of transportation that will get you to our place is habal-habal.

Our family vehicle, Lander, has become unreliable recently, adding another pile to ‘worry-factors’ to consider in going home late. I am hoping that I will be issued a company service vehicle soon, so that I will be more productive with my work and can go home without worries. But, that will never be part of the choices until it comes.

It is not the blinding neon-colored city lights that attract me but the endless opportunity on the side of the nocturnal life. Network building and acquaintances usually happen after work, one of the many things I miss since becoming a highlander. I want to be active again to the circles I once gave my commitments. I miss the company of my fellow bloggers from CDOBloggers and, the endless laughter that comes along with the enlightening discussions from my family. Alongside with my family and friends, they complete the circle that helps me grow.

Just last night, my aunt offered me to live in their vacant house, a short walk away from the office and I am thinking to consider it. That is the best and most practical solution I have now. She could have noticed that there were no weeks that I don’t spend a night at their vacant house to keep things flowing. She herself knows the difficulties of going to and fro from our house.

I miss being workaholic and commitment-holic. I remember the days when I had two different employers, several blogging groups and different social circles to attend to; handling multiple tasks, engaging different types of people and anticipating the endless opportunity that comes after. Those were fun and growing days. And it will be revived, soon.



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