For people like me who holds the steering wheel, it is hard to deny the pleasure of driving. Aside that it takes us places and spoil our eyes with sceneries, the feeling of fulfillment the that we control the speed of the vehicle and its turns is unquantifiable.

Driving is a continuous learning and there's a lot to learn from it. And there are times that I think it is synonymous with the way we live our lives.

We longed for the thrill so we drive fast, not minding the possible hazards ahead. We believe that a single step on the brake pedal can stop the wheels from turning. Though, most of the time it works, we can't deny that there were instances that it failed us.

Then comes the point that we want to drive slow, especially when we feel the need of contemplating or just being cautious. It is when we roll down the window glass and spend more time glancing at the world outside of our vehicle; absorbing the sceneries that catches our attention while letting the gentle hands of the wind touches of our cheeks.

It is true that driving is easy- especially when someone is eager to learn and master the necessary skills. A smooth transition of the foot on the brake and accelerator pedals can move and stop the vehicle and, a change in the angle of the steering wheel can adjust its direction. Take time to practice the basics and soon, you are moving with the vehicle.

However, for me, the most difficult skill to master in driving is learning to park properly and efficiently, especially in small and vehicle-crowded areas. And I think, the same is being experienced by the starters who are driving manual clutch vehicles.

Parking is not simply placing the vehicle somewhere safe, there is more to it. Most of us hits the office early in order to park the vehicle under the shade of the lone tree in the parking lot. Some even rests their vehicles blocks away from the workplace to ensure it is secure from road and vehicle related mishap. We treat our vehicles as part of our lives and we want to left it somewhere safe and not expose to the harsh elements of nature.

We always opt for the best site, either in open or crowded places. And to place the vehicle in the best location possible, it requires long estimation, heavy and repetitive presses on the pedals and, continuous angle adjustment. Above all, it requires a bucketful of patience and determination.

We just don't park anywhere, we choose places that assure safety for our vehicles. We left them in areas that somewhat give us peace of mind.  That as we left for work or rest at our abodes and later when we come back, we are certain that the vehicle, which we consider not only as a mere possession but an integral part of our lives, is there waiting and ready to be driven again.



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