A Pile of Dreams

It seldom occurs to many fortunate people that street kids do have dreams and are only deprived of the opportunity.

It was a scorching Tuesday afternoon and Carlo, carrying a dirty old sack, examined the piles of garbage in the streets of Labangon in Cebu City. A few ‘valuables’ in every pile means a few peso that could help his family survive another day.

Because of the intense heat of the burning sun, people hide under the shades of their umbrellas as they went out of their comfortable abode. Yet, the burning sensation that penetrated deep to Carlo’s skin unrivaled his will to live.

“Kinahanglan man gud ni buhaton, kay kun dili magutman man mi”, shared Carlo.

Not far from him was a younger looking child and just like Carlo, wore a lumpy dirty shirt that made him look thinner. Carlo confirmed that the boy was his younger brother and, just like him, searching for fortunes in the trashes of other people.

“Anad na man mi ani. Kapoy pero wala man gud lain paagi. Dili man pud maayo ang mangawat.”, Carlo continued.

They both dropped school a year ago and just like any innocent child who sees no cruelty of the real world, they have both built their dreams. However, in their current states, those dream, no matter how simple or complicated remain elusive.

“Gusto ko ma-teacher pagdako, siya (referring to his younger brother) gusto mag doctor”, shared Carlo. “Pero ambot lang kung mahitabo ba kana. Galisud man gali mi makakaon, unsa na kaha pag mu-skwela na mi”, he continued.

Carlo was able to attend Grade 4 but his brother had not finished the second grade. “Kapoy man ni amo ginabuhat pero pobre man gud mi. Wala trabaho si papa ug mama, daghan pud mi manag-igsoon ug isip kamagulangan, mo tabang na lang jud ko sa akong mga ginikanan.”

Not far from Cebu, the local city government of Cagayan de Oro wanted to free the city streets from street children by 2015 by placing them in juvenile centers. (READ: Children of the streets)

Having heard this, Carlo said, “Pirme na man na. Bisan dari sa Cebu, mao ra gihapon, mo-ikyas ra ang mga bata. Boring man gud daw didto”.

Carlo and his brother bid goodbye and went on searching for their treasures in the piles of trashes. And as for that day and for both of them, survival was more important than their pile of dreams.



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